A Little Bit of Information

About Me

I have lived and worked in the friendly-sized city of Grand Rapids for the greater part of my life, but was born and raised in the metropolis of St. Louis. As a big city kid, my sense of curiosity and adventure about what was around the next corner was enough to make any parent nervous (my mom, at the very least). While I always was a pretty all-around type of nerd, my strong penchant for the arts was evident early on as I spent the better part of my time drawing with a pencil in hand. It was my best option since my parents wouldn’t give me the camera.
Once I did get a camera in my hand, I never put it down. I have always loved the process of creating beautiful photographs; it’s the excitement of finding something new in the world around me and telling its unique story. This is the best part about wedding photography – being a part of the lives of the fantastic people whose adventures I am privileged to photograph, and being able to discover the unique details that make them who they are.

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